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  • The Morris Minor, known by some as the “cuddly classic car”, always dependable and cheerful; a reminder of happy days gone-by; a symbol of tradition and “Britishness” like red telephone boxes and London buses; a “classless” car, ideal for any occasion; special, but not ostentatious; surprisingly spacious for a small car.

  • Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis who penned that other motoring icon, the Mini, and built by Morris Motors at Cowley, Oxford between 1948 and 1971; a very advanced car for its time, it has stood the test of the years, and unlike other small classic cars, fares well in modern traffic.

  • Certainly, as well as conveying you on your special day, it will serve as a talking point - particularly with the older members of your party who will remember how “Aunty Mabel once had a Minor!” With their “jelly-mould” shape and the “parp” from the exhaust they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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