Mirabelle was first registered as 123 KAE on 22nd July 1960, and spent an early part of her life in the Swindon area.

Originally grey, she was fitted with a 948 c.c. engine. Passing through many hands, changing colour to blue at one stage, she arrived with a number plate dealer 2 years ago, by which time she'd become a "basket-case", fit only to be stripped of her number plate. Her remnants arrived with a Morris Minor dealer in Newport, Shropshire, early in 1999, and were subsequently sold to a Minor restorer later that year.

Having been substantially welded on the underside, she was displayed at the Morris Minor Owners' Club National Rally at Hawkestone Park, Shropshire, in July 1999, being used to display the welding skills of our restorer. It was at this time that we entered the scene, looking for a Morris Minor to use as a wedding car.

Having inspected the rolling shell, we bought it and commissioned a restoration, which was delivered on 21st April 2000. Anxious to retain a car that was basically authentic but usable in today's traffic, Mirabelle has been up-rated from what was the original Series III specification to 1964 Series V: main changes being flashing indicators instead of semaphores; the larger 1098 c.c. engine, gearbox and brakes; and, as you can see, the colour again changed from blue to old-English white with red hood and trim, which is generally considered to be the most desirable colour combination for wedding use.

Honours achieved:
Best convertible - Birmingham M.M.O.C. 25th April 2004.
1st place in "Best of British" show in Cannock. 22nd September 2002.
Best convertible - S.E.Staffs M.M.O.C. 26th August 2002.
Best convertible - Potteries M.M.O.C. 30th June, 2002.
Best convertible - Potteries M.M.O.C. 8th July, 2001.
Best convertible - Birmingham M.M.O.C. 20th May, 2001.
Best in show - Northants M.M.O.C. 3rd September, 2000.
Best convertible - Shropshire M.M.O.C. 23rd July, 2000.
Best convertible - Potteries M.M.O.C. 16th July, 2000.
Runner up to Best Convertible - Malvern Hills M.M.O.C. 18th June, 2000.
Best convertible - Birmingham M.M.O.C. 7th May, 2000.

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