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Disasters can happen. And they do, just when you least expect them.
The photographs don't come out - no problem. Your dress is ruined before the ceremony - don't worry. Dad's ill - don't panic. Even if the reception venue closes before your big day, or any one of a host of other problems, insurance will help you recover from all kinds of disasters, whether at home or abroad.
You can take out insurance even if you have started to pay deposits, but do it before any misfortune occurs and you will be covered until the end of your wedding day.

We can provide information and proposal forms for four seperate companies (see below)- put your mind at rest, then if something unexpected does happen, you won't need to worry.

Wedding Insurance
"Be safe, not sorry"

Cover arranged by Event Insurance Services Ltd
"For peace of mind on your special day"

Cover provided by Cornhill Insurance
Premier Wedding insurance
"Peace of mind right up to and on your Wedding Day"

Cover arranged by Sutton Barnard Insurance Brokers
In partnership with Ecclesiastical Insurance Group
"For peace of mind on that special day"

Cover arranged by TPS Limited
Underwritten by Axa Insurance UK plc

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