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A brief guide to our wedding service:

  • We are able to offer three Morris Minors:

    “Mirabelle”, a 1960 convertible in olde English white, with a red hood and trim, which has recently been professionally restored to a very high standard;

    "Maribelle", a 1963 convertible in Snowberry white, again with red hood and trim; and

    “Maybelle”, a 1957 2-door saloon in Black with light blue leather trim.

  • All cars come dressed for the occasion, with ribbons and bows in the case of weddings.

  • We also cater for other special events such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Countryside tours and film/television work.

  • Judith is a professional Church Organist; why not book an hour with her to assist you in choosing your wedding music?

  • Andrew and Judith will be pleased to quote for all of your requirements and pride ourselves on our personal service.

  • Telephone 07977 543908 or 07586 319213 (Cannock, Staffordshire) - (Map)

  • E-mail andrew@mirabelleclassiccars.co.uk

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why a Morris Minor? No other classic car has the unique qualities of a Morris Minor. Recognised everywhere, everyone over 30 had one as a kid! Not so ostentatious as to take attention away from the bride, but different and classy enough to guarantee to draw attention.

    But why one of your Morris Minors? Unlike commercial Wedding Car companies, we are car enthusiasts first, and entrepreneurs second. Nothing is too much trouble for us, and  because we're here for the fun and not for the profit, our prices are genuinely reasonable. Not only that, but we have like minded friends across the country. While we are based in Staffordshire, we have cars available from several other locations, minimising the mileage charges, and maximising the chances of you getting the car you want for the date you want.

    I'm having a traditional bridal gown; will there be enough room?   This need not be a problem, as the front passenger seat can be removed, although this will reduce the number of passengers to two.

    But these are old cars; aren't they draughty, noisy, and unreliable?  Our cars are meticulously maintained, and most of them have won prizes at classic cars shows across the country.

    What cars are available? As well as our own cars, we have several more convertibles available to us, mostly in the same colour combination. There are also some other saloons in a range of colour schemes.  

    What does it cost? It is not possible to give an accurate idea of pricing purely because of the permutations available and the distances involved to your venue. Because of their complexity, convertibles are generally more expensive to hire than the other variants, and a three convertible wedding is likely to be quite expensive. As a rule of thumb, one convertible for the day costs from around 175 pounds, although second/third cars are obviously cheaper. There are no additional costs for decorations of your choice from standard ribbon colours, and your drivers always wear grey suits. A 50 per cent deposit holds your car(s), with the balance payable in cash or by cheque fourteen days prior to the wedding.

    Anything else I should know? The last thing we want is to give you false illusions. Minors were slow cars even in their day, and you should be sure to leave plenty of time for each journey. This means we can travel at a reasonable but sedate pace so that people travelling in the rear of the convertible don't arrive windswept!  Should the weather not be agreeable on the day, the internal dimensions of a Minor with the roof up are cosy for the bride and groom.

    Any other questions? Drop us a line here, or ring us on (01543) 278474. Someone is always available to answer any queries.